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Tenants FAQ:


1.         What are the requirements to be able to rent a property from your company?


To qualify to be a prospective tenant, we require a credit score of 600 or higher. However, if the only negative accounts on a credit score are from medical bills or student loans, we take that into consideration. We also require proof of your income and that your income be at least three times the rent in gross monthly income. Proof of income can be in the form of pay-stubs, tax returns and/or bank statements. Any criminal charges are a case by case basis. We will also request a rental history verification form be sent to and filled out by your current landlord. We basically compile all your information for our owners and they have final approval of your application.


2.         How can I schedule a showing to see one of your available rental properties?


Please just come by our office and sign out a key. We require a $20 cash key deposit (the deposit is returned to you after you return the key). We also make a copy of your driver’s license. Keys can be signed out between 9:00 and 4:00, Monday through Friday. All keys are to be returned to our office the same day by 4:30.


3.         What are the application fees?


We require an application fee of $65 per person over the age of 18. Anyone living in the property over the age of 18, has to apply and be approved.


4.         What is the processing time for an application?


Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Once all information has been submitted, turn around time is usually within 24 hours. However, that also depends on how quickly we are able to obtain your rental history from your current landlord.


5.         What is your pet policy?


Pets have to be approved by the individual owner of a property. If approved, the non-refundable pet fee for the first pet is $250 and $150 for each additional.


6.         What is the security deposit on one of your rentals?


Security deposits are typically one month’s rent unless otherwise stated.


7.         Do you require renter’s insurance?


Yes, we require our tenants to obtain a renter’s insurance policy.  However, if you do not want to acquire a full renter’s policy, we offer a liability only policy which protects you from any accidental damage to the property you may cause.


8.         How do I pay my rent each month?


We accept on-line payments through your tenant portal, money orders or personal checks. We do not accept cash.


9.         How do I submit a maintenance request?


Once you have signed a lease for one of our properties, you will be sent a link to set up your tenant portal. Through the portal you will be able to submit on-line maintenance requests.


10.         What if I have an emergency at my rental property?


Please call our office 24/7 for any emergency. You will be prompted to leave a message and we will return your call.  Please do not submit emergency requests on-line as on-line maintenance requests are not monitored after hours or on weekends.


11.       Can I hang pictures on the walls of my rental?


Only if picture nails are used. Any holes left in the walls will require you to spackle and paint those holes upon move out.


12.       Can I install a satellite dish at my rental property?


Yes, but only on a pole in the backyard. You may not install any dishes attached to the roof or building in anyway and they must be removed when you vacate the property.


13.       Can I paint the bedroom  or any room in the property?


No, painting is not allowed unless approved by the owner and the color has been agreed upon.


14.       Can I change the locks on the doors at my rental property?


No, please contact our office for prior owner approval before changing any locks.


15.       What if I have to break my lease?


If for any unforeseen reason you need to break your lease, we will list the property for rent and you will need to show it to prospective tenants. Once a new tenant is found and a lease has been signed, it will release you from any further obligation.  However, you are still responsible for rent and utilities until the new tenant is found.

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