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Broker | Realtor

Originally from upstate NY, Kasey moved to Wilmington one year after visiting on her honeymoon. She and her soon-to-be family of three decided that living at the beach was the perfect life and found comfort with the kindness of the southern ways.


In 2016, Kasey decided to pursue her interest in real estate.  She enjoyed the process of learning about Wilmington and the outside areas and knew that this was a perfect fit for her.  As Kasey's career has grown, so has her love for the area.  She has become a buyer specialist, helping people from all parts of the country find the homes they love with comfort and ease.


In her spare time Kasey enjoys playing Pokemon Go with her son and his friends, exploring parks and walking the riverwalk. Kasey's goal is to learn about small coffee houses and hidden gems to help her clients find the perfect location to live.

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