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Broker | Realtor

Tessa is originally from southern Louisiana but relocated to North Carolina at the age of 21.  After attending Louisiana State University with a focus on the medical field, she ultimately realized that was not her calling.  With a passion for art and all things business, Tessa decided to combine the two and pursue a career in real estate.  Tessa has since found it fulfilling to help others find their forever homes where so many cherished memories will be made.


In her spare time, Tessa loves to go to Topsail Island and enjoy the beach with her family and friends.  You may also find her painting, cooking (using her grandmother's recipes), or watching football on Sundays.


In addition, Tessa is continuing her education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to earn her degree in Finance.  She believes this knowledge will be helpful to her clients who she truly cares about, both personally and professionally.  Tessa's main goal is to help others fall in love with this amazing area, just like she did.

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